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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I pay for my Portrait session?

A: Payment in full is required to secure your appointment and can by done over the phone with a credit card. We will email your receipt and confirmation of your portrait session and presentation appointment. A studio credit will be issued if you are unable to attend your appointment. No refunds are available.


Q: When do I view my images?

A: Your photo presentation is scheduled two to four weeks following your photo session. Using our projector in a cozy atmosphere, you will watch a slide show presentation set to music. We will work with you to collect a series of images that you love, which will be tailored to the individual needs of your family and home.


Q: When do I place my order?

A: Due to the custom nature of our work, orders are placed at the time of your image selection appointment and paid in full. No images are held or put aside and all sales are final.


Q: Who should be present at the photo presentation?

A: Please make sure that all decision makers attend the presentation, as your portraits are an investment. We kindly suggest that only adults attend so that you may focus on the task at hand. Your presentation will be rescheduled for a later date if all decision makers are not present.


Q: How long is the photo presentation?

A: You should allow up to two hours for your photo presentation. As all sales are final, we like to ensure that you are not rushed.


Q: How long are the digital files kept?

A: We archive the images you select at the photo presentation indefinitely.


Q: How do I prepare for the presentation?

A: At your consultation we will review the various print options with you. Use the time lead­ng up to your presentation to think about what you would like to see as an end result. If you are interested in art for your home or office, take the time to measure the wall spaces available. Please feel free to bring color or fabric swatches with you so that we may coördinate your framing appropriately. If you have any questions regarding our policies, please call us before the presentation.


Q: Do I get to keep the digital files?

A: Digital files are shown at the image selection appointment but do remain the property of the studio.  Individual digital files are available to purchase.


Q: Is retouching included in the price of my prints

A: Complexion retouching such as blemishes and wrinkles is included. If extensive retouching is required by the client a $80 per hour fee is applicable.


Q: Can I take my Krisztina Crane Photography prints to a photo store or copy shop and have copies made from them.

A: Krisztina retains the copyright to all images. Unauthorized reproduction is illegal and unethical.


Q: When should I book for Holiday cards?

A: Holday card shoots should be booked for September and October. All orders must be processed by November 15th to ensure delivery.


Q: Do you do weddings and events?

A: Absolutely, We do photograph events and are happy to do wedding portraits and engagement sessions.