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Krisztina,Thank you so much for the fabulous photo's that captured the very spirit of our day! We planned it as a special event and your pictures reflect our intent. From the first time we met you, Connie and I felt your softness and concern for our happiness and a genuine desire to fulfill our photographic dreams. (which is almost an impossible goal). Thanks for taking charge of our wedding party and parents for the entire day since we were consumed with enjoying our guests. We felt you handled them and all our guests at the reception with grace and professionalism. Your attentiveness and keen attitude shows in the action shots of what we considered the most important memories, you were there for us every minute! Connie and I were delightfully surprised at the many emotions and sentimental details you provided that will stay with us forever......thanks again. Jim & Connie

Thank you so much Kris for your amazing work.. me and my husband absolutely LOVED every single picture.. I can't thank you enough for re-touching the lipstick on the baby's shirt.. You are very talented..I am a huge fan of your work and i will definitely recommend you to all my friends.. Thank you so much.. You are absolutely wonderful..!!Dania

Krisztina managed to show, not just my child, but our relationship. Each picture is a highly artistic creation. They captured beautiful fleeting moments and made them eternal. Looking at it,I feel as if I were watching a silent film about love of a mother and a child. I love watching my little guy grow up, but I also feel that I get to keep him as a baby because I will always have these pictures above my mantlepiece to remind me of how joyful, silly and cuddly he was.. Ali